UT Math Request for Visitor Authorization


Today's Date: 05/30/2023

Visitor's Name:  Academic Title:
(if you have one)

If you don't have an UT EID, you will receive an email from dse@docusign.net to establish a UT EID.
You'll need to upload your identification or social security card as an attachment and sign the Payee Information Form (PIF) electronically.

    Name of Your Host:          Email of Your Host: 

US Citizen?     Yes    No

Visa Category (non-citizen only)
This information is very important. Lack of proper work authorization may result in non-payment.
  J-1 Country passport issued by:
   WB/WT or Visa Waiver Program
  Permanent Resident
  of the USA
   Green Card No.
  Other, please specify 
Please see Russ (rwoodward@austin.utexas.edu) for questions about visa issues.

Employment Status
  Non-Texas State Employee   Federal Employee

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  Guest Lecturer   Continuting Education   Conference Participant
  Student   Other Professional Activities

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Description of Services, Including the Title of Talk

Provided by Host

Funding Source: 
Time and Location of Talk: 

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Note: Direct paid items are not allowed using state funded accounts
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 Other Direct Paid Items:     Yes   No
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For lodging arrangements, please contact your account manager.

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If this request is late, please provide a short explanation to the Dean

Office Use
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