Math Dept Grader Evaluation Form

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We would appreciate an honest written opinion of whether or not to rehire this grader. Please make your comments in the text box below. Be as specific as possible with criticism.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For an accurate assessment, we ask that the person who worked closely with the grader complete this form. If your TA supervised the grader, please ask your TA to complete this form.

1. Would you want this grader if he/she reapplies?       Yes    No

2. Please rate your grader according to the following scale     

 5  Excellent (Picks up and returns papers promptly. Grades accurately. Uses initiative. Follows instructions carefully.)

 4  Above Average

 3  Average

 2  Below Average

 1  Very Poor (Fails to pick up and return papers in timely manner. Frequently misgrades papers.)

Thank you for your help. We rely heavily on your evaluation in our consideration of graders for rehire.

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