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Instructions and comments

First, make sure that your browser supports file uploading! If there is a button associated with each text-area in the PAPER field, which allows you to "browse" your local file system, then file uploading should work. Otherwise, you may want to consult your local expert before filling out this form.

The FORMAT field should be used to indicate whether the submitted paper is in "AMS-TeX" format, or "Postscript", or "LaTeX 2e with 2 PS Figures", etc. Since mp_arc imposes no restrictions on the format of submissions, the FORMAT specification can be an important piece of information for those who plan to download and process the source code of your paper.
Note: Before mentioning encoding formats like .uu, .tar, .gz, .zip, etc., please read the notes below about binary files.

The KEYWORDS field needs to contain a non-empty list of keywords. These keywords are considered part of the paper, as far as keyword searches are concerned. Thus, they are particularly important in cases where the paper itself is stored in compressed or other non-plain-text format (see below).

The AUTHORS field takes a comma-separated list of authors. For email addresses or affiliation, please use comments field.

The TITLE field is for the title of your paper.

The ABSTRACT should be the same as the abstract appearing in your paper, with possible additions: For example, if you include a separate computer program that was used to prove your main theorem, it may be useful to mention this at the end of the abstract.
Note: The abstract typed in this field is the one that will be included in the weekly mailings to the subscribers.

The COMMENTS field can be used (optionally) for comments, instructions, and other information. This is also a good place for listing classification codes, or mentioning relevant links (URL, ftp address, e-mail address, ...). Since classification codes may one day be used for automated indexing, we recommend that you list them with line headers "AMS-Code: ..." and "PACS-Code: ...".

The PAPER can be submitted as one or several files. This form allows you to include 1 file. If you want to submit a larger number of files, please use the button at the top of this page to load a new form.
A file will be visible on this form only through its file name. To specify a file to be included, just click on the button next to the name field (which is safer than typing in the file name, since the files may not be located in the browser's default directory), and choose. Now some things you may want to consider before clicking on the "Submit" button:

Notes about binary files

Encoding Files: Unlike with e-mail submissions, it is not necessary (or even desirable) to encode binary (non-text) files with uuencode, or in base64 format, before submitting them with this form.

Compressing Files: If you plan to submit relatively large files, or if the internet connection is slow, it is recommended that you compress your files before submission, using gzip, or zip, or compress, etc. This does not mean that your files get archived in compressed form (see below).

Combining Files: If you feel the need to pack several files into one (e.g. to reduce the number of filenames you have to type in), please use a standard tool such as tar or zip, which allows for automated unpacking. But see the following

Technical Note: To simplify indexing, mp_arc will archives your files in unpacked and uncompressed form, whenever possible (binary files are base64 encoded first), except if the unpacking procedure creates subdirectories, or more than 10 files, or if the total size of the paper increases by more than 400KB when being uncompressed. (But the program that tries to produce a Postscript or PDF version of your paper will unpack and uncompress everything first.) Thus, unless you want to hide your paper from keyword searches, it is best to submit your main TeX files in their original form.