Additional Courses

Additional Courses

A strong undergraduate preparation would include most of the core courses and possibly some additional courses.  A strong graduate preparation would include all the core courses (some as undergraduate background), plus some additional courses.

Actuarial students whose major is not mathematics or in the business school need to petition the Red McCombs School of Business to enroll in restricted business classes.  Students who are working for a BS in mathematics with the actuarial option have special permission to register for most of the following classes.

A grade of C- or better is required to meet the prerequisites listed below.

Seminar on Actuarial Practice (M 139S/M 189S) - offered in the spring semester only.  Prerequisite: ACF 329 and at least two of the following: M 339J, M 339U, M 339V or M 349P.
Introduction to Stochastic Processes (M 362M) - Prerequisite: M 362K
Linear Regression Analysis (M 374G/M 384G) - offered in the fall semester only.  Prerequisite: M 358K or M 378K, M 341 or M 340L and consent of instructor.
Conference Course in Probability and Statistics (M 394C)
Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (ECO 420K) - Prerequisite: ECO 304K & ECO 304L and two semesters of calculus.
Introduction to Risk Management (R M 357E)
Managing Employee Risks and Benefits (R M 369K)
Property-Liability Management and Planning (R M 377)
Risk Management Seminar (R M 395) -
Foundations of the Legal Environment and Business (LEB 320F) - Prerequisite: upper-division standing.
Foundations of Organizational Behavior and Administration (MAN 320F) - Prerequisite: upper-division standing.
Foundations of Marketing (MKT 320F) - Prerequisite: upper-division standing.
Investment Management (FIN 367) - all non-business majors need permission from the business school to add this class.  Prerequisite: FIN 357 and STA 371G.
Financial Risk Management (FIN 377.2) - Prerequisite: M 408D or M 408L, credit or registration for FIN 367.
Intermediate Statistics (STA 376) - Prerequisite: STA 309.
Seminar in Business Statistics (STA 380.1, STA 380.7, STA 380.14) - Additional prerequisite for STA 380.7: B A 386T or equivalent.

Other classes may occasionally be added to a student's personalized list with the approval of the director of actuarial studies and (for graduate courses) the math graduate advisor.