Business Majors

Double Majoring Within the McCombs School of Business
as an Undergraduate Actuarial Student

Combining the actuarial concentration with a major in the School of Business, leading to a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics: Option 1: Actuarial Science, provides an excellent mix of both analytical and business skills.  Business students take many math electives, and must be certain to take the full calculus sequence M408C/D (or M408K/L/M) rather than the partial sequence (M408K/L) required by the business school. 

Sample Course Plan

Each student has a unique background, individual strengths and weaknesses and varying goals, therefore, each student will have a unique course plan.  This is an example of a freshman business student who is combining her major with an actuarial concentration.

Freshman Year
Fall: M 408C, ECO 304K
Spring: M 408D, ECO 304L

Sophomore Year
Fall: M 362K, ACC 311. Take SOA exam P in January.
Spring: M 329F, ACC 312. Take SOA exam FM in June.

Junior Year
Fall: M 339D, M 340L, FIN 357.
Spring: M339W, M 358K. Take SOA exam MFE in July.

Senior Year
Fall: M 339U
Spring: M 339J