About the .ps.gz files at mp_arc

General: When clicking on "View" in the index, your web browser will download a file that it can (should) uncompress and then send directly to a local program for viewing. This .ps.gz file has been generated automatically from the source file submitted by the author(s).
Disclaimer: Since mp_arc does not impose any restrictions on the format of submitted papers, the conversion program may not always succeed. And even if a .ps.gz file is generated, it is possible that some information contained in the original paper (obtained by clicking on "Paper" in the index) is not included in the .ps.gz file, e.g., some figures may be missing. Suggestions for authors on how to incorporate PostScript figures in a TeX file can be found in the archive paper instructions.
Format: The .ps.gz files are in compressed PostScript format (PS files compressed with gzip). A browser that conforms to the current HTTP specification will uncompress these files automatically, and if configured correctly, it should send the resulting PS file directly to the appropriate program for viewing. If your browser behaves differently, your local system administrator should be able to fix the problem. Alternatively, the .ps.gz file can be saved to a local disk, and uncompressed manually, before sending it to a PostScript viewer or printer. The utility gzip used for (un)compressing files is available (in the public domain) for almost any system.