This is a three-week program on multiscale modeling and analysis for advanced undergraduate and 1st year graduate students.

The prerequisites of the course are advanced calculus and linear algebra. Some familiarity with numerical analysis and computer programming will be helpful.

Organizers: Kathy Davis, Bjorn Engquist, Richard Tsai, Lexing Ying.

Important Dates

Summer program: July 21- August 8, 2008.

Registration will take place Monday morning at RLM 7.124. Please check in
between 10:00 and 12:00 am.

Courses (the first two weeks)


1. Introduction to Multiscale Modeling
by Bjorn Engquist (University of Texas at Austin)

2. Introduction to Wavelets and Homogenization
by Olof Runborg (KTH)

3. Multiscale modeling for Ordinary Differential Equations and Level Sets
by Richard Tsai (University of Texas at Austin)

4. Fast and Multiscale Algorithms for Integral Equations and Transforms
by Lexing Ying (University of Texas at Austin)

5. Stochastic Multiscale Modeling
by Gil Ariel (University of Texas at Austin)

6. High Frequency Methods for the Wave Equations
by Nick Tanushev (University of Texas at Austin)

Workshop (the third week)

Speaker list:

Todd Arbogast
Ivo Babuska
Chandrajit Bajaj
Luis Caffarelli
I-Liang Chern
Clint Dawson
Leszek Demkowicz
Inderjit Dhillon (tentative)
Ron Elber
John Evans and Tom Hughes
Sergey Fomel
Irene Gamba
Omar Ghattas
Oscar Gonzalez
Tinsley Oden
Kui Ren
Panagiotis Souganidis
Mary Wheeler
Thaleia Zariphopoulou

Travel and Accomodation

The grant will provide on-campus accommodations and meal allowances. Travel assistance may be available by request and on a case-by-case need. (Only original receipts will be accepted for reimbursement purposes.)

Contact Information

The CoLab particpants from Portugal should contact:
Prof. Diogo Aguiar Gomes (

All other participants should send contact:
Prof. Lexing Ying
(lexing at math dot utexas dot edu).

For questions regarding travel and accomodation, plese contact
Mrs. Lizanne McClenon, MA (

Introductory Slides to Multiscale Methods


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