Ongoing Seminars in the Geometry Group
The Geometry Seminar meets every week at 3:30 for two hours, with a break in the middle. We ask speakers to give a general exposition in the first hour so as not to accelerate too quickly, and to give technical details in the second hour.
GADGET is an informal lunch seminar which meets as the need arises (conference reports, expository talks, practice talks, etc.) and is a frequent venue for talks by graduate students.
The Geometry and String Theory is a joint seminar between the Geometry group in the Mathematics Department and the Theory Group in the Physics Deptartment.
The Student Geometry seminar is run by graduate students interested in geometry of all kinds.
GRASP (= Geometry Representation Theory and Some Physics) is an introductory lecture series to representation theory run by David Ben-Zvi.
Each year, distinguished geometers visit Austin to give special short courses that cover recent developments in geometry. These Perspectives in Geometry lectures are open to all geometers; students and postdocs are especially encouraged to attend. These lectures are designed to be a pathway to enter the field.
"First cut" is a series of broad-brush video-lectures on topics in geometry and topology. The lectures might explain a concept or a theorem; they might survey an area; or they might trace the development of an idea. The subject can be brand new or classical. Speakers aim to convey, to an audience of graduate students in geometry and topology, as well as postdocs and faculty, their high-level understanding of the topic, without getting into technical details.