Erratum for

  The Reflective Lorentzian Lattices of Rank 3
      Memoirs of the A.M.S. 220 (number 1033) (2012).
      Download PDF, tex/perl or the (huge) unabridged table PDF or tex/perl

Lemma 6 is correct, but the assertion right after it, that it remains true with both = signs replaced by > or both by ≥ is wrong. What is true is that you can replace one = sign by an inequality and the other by the reversed version of that inequality. The most concise way to correct everything is to move the sign in the equality ahat.bhat=-K to the left side.

(In fact this was the way it was in earlier versions. I "simplified" the writing later by moving the sign to the right side.) This bug doesn't affect the proofs in the rest of the paper.

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