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This RTG proposal is focused on training in low-dimensional topology and its applications. The study of low-dimensional manifolds has become one of the central areas of research activity in mathematics. The subject interacts with several other branches of mathematics as well as the applied sciences. It therefore provides fertile ground for research, education and training experiences at all levels.

Although one of the main features of the proposal is to build, and elevate, the successful structure currently in place, an important new component of our proposal is training for interdisciplinary research. This will afford postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students educational and training experiences different from the traditional ones available at present.

Principal Investigators R. Gompf, C. McA. Gordon, J. Luecke, A. W. Reid
RTG Postdocs Marion Moore Campisi
Other Topology Postdocs Jeff Danciger
Cagri Karakurt
RTG Graduate Students 2009 -2010 Karin Knudson
Other Ph.D Topology Students

João Miguel Nogueira
Grant Lakeland
Darlan Girão
Eric Staron
Allison Moore
Sam Ballas
Sam Taylor
Sean Bowman
Jeff Meier
Nick Zufelt
Ligang Long

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Last Updated: September, 2011