Conference on Discrete Groups and Hyperbolic Manifolds - Dr. Colin Maclachlan




University of Aberdeen
University of Aberdeen

There will be a Conference on Discrete Groups and Hyperbolic Manifolds at the University of Aberdeen, August 5–7 2004.

The Conference will consist of no more than 15 invited 1 hour talks, which will commence on the morning of the 5th August (so participants should plan to arrive on the 4th).

Mikhail Belolipetsky
Alex Lubotzky
Brian Bowditch
Gaven Martin
Martin Bridson
Alan Reid
Brent Everitt
Gerhard Rosenberger
Grzegorz Gromadzki
Caroline Series
Jim Howie
David Singerman
Don James
Peter Waterman

The conference is in part organized in honour of the forthcoming retirement of Dr. Colin Maclachlan (University of Aberdeen). This will be recognized at a conference banquet.

The conference is supported by The Edinburgh Mathematical Society, The Glasgow Mathematical Journal Trust and The London Mathematical Society.

Participants can register for the Conference by following the link Registration on the left side bar. There is limited support for postgraduate students attending Universities within the U.K. For further details follow the same link.

Scientific Organizing Committee:

E. Bujalance (Madrid)
M. Conder (Auckland)
F. Gehring (Michigan)
W. Harvey (Kings College, London)
A. Reid (Texas)

For further details please contact