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office:  RLM 11.110
phone: 512-475-9517
fax:      512-471-9038
mailing address:
Department of Mathematics, 1 University Station C1200, Austin, TX 78712-0257
e-mail: asofer@math.utexas.edu
C.V. and teaching statement


Past Courses

S11: M316K Foundations of Arithmetic
F10: M316L Foundations of Geometry, Statistics, and Probability
S03, S04, F07, F08, S12: M328K Introduction to Number Theory
F03, F04, F06, S09, F11: M341 Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory
S05, S06: M326K Foundations of Number Systems
F05, S07, S08: M325K Discrete Mathematics


Mathematics Teachers' Circle of Austin

Visit the Elementary School Math Club , a lesson plan website.


Number Theory; p-adic modular forms.

p-adic interpolation of half-integral weight modular forms (Contemp. Math. 174, 1994)
p-adic interpolation of square roots of central values of Hecke L-series (Duke Math. Journal 83, 1, 1996)
p-adic aspects of Jacobi forms (Journal of Number Theory 63, 2, 1997)

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