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past lectures

Representation Theory as Gauge Theory: Slides and video from plenary talk at the 2016 Clay Research Conference.
David Ben-Zvi
October 2016

Mirror Symmetry and Hodge Theory: Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5 , Part 6
Tony Pantev (University of Pennsylvania)
October 2010

S-duality for symplectic varieties and representation theory
Ben Webster (MIT/Oregon)
February 11 2010

The Fundamental Lemma
David Ben-Zvi (UT Austin)
February 1 2010

K-homology and index theory IV: The Baum-Connes Conjecture
Nigel Higson (Penn State University)
January 28 2010

K-homology and index theory III: Applications of K-homology
Nigel Higson (Penn State University)
January 26 2010

K-homology and index theory II: Geometric K-homology and the index theorem
Nigel Higson (Penn State University)
January 21 2010

K-homology and index theory I: K-theory from the viewpoint of functional analysis
Nigel Higson (Penn State University)
January 19 2010

Moduli spaces of complex surfaces
Paul Hacking (University of Washington)
March 24 2009

Hall algebras
Valerio Toledano Laredo (Northeastern University)
March 11 2009

Crystal bases, Hecke algebras and equivalences of categories
Catharina Stroppel (University of Bonn)
Monday September 22nd, 2008
This lecture is presented as a joint event of GRASP and the Distinguished Women in Mathematics Lecture Series

Topology in two dimensions and Frobenius algebras
Kevin Costello (Northwestern University)
September 5 2007

Lectures on the Geometric Langlands Program
David Ben-Zvi (University of Texas at Austin)
London Mathematical Society 2007 Invited Lecture Series.

Categories in Algebraic Geometry
Tom Bridgeland (University of Sheffield)
March 29, 2007

Mutations for Quivers and Their Representations
Andrei Zelevinsky (Northeastern University)
March 23, 2007

The Physics of Knot Homologies
Sergei Gukov (University of California Santa Barbara)
December 13, 2006

Geometry and Quivers
Nick Proudfoot (University of Texas at Austin)
April 19, 2006

Noncommutative Projective Geometry
Toby Stafford (University of Michigan)
March 1, 2006

Canonical bases for representations
Joel Kamnitzer (MIT)
January 25, 2006

Lagrangian Floer Theory
Chris Woodward (Rutgers University)
December 7, 2005

Introduction to Geometric Representation Theory, Part 1
David Ben-Zvi (University of Texas at Austin)
October 26, 2005

Bezout's theorem and nonabelian homological algebra
Jacob Lurie (Harvard University)
September 7, 2005

Relativistic Mathematics
Daniel Biss (University of Chicago)
March 31, 2005

Quivers and Lattices
Kevin McGerty (University of Chicago)
March 1, 2005

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GRASP is a lecture series at the University of Texas at Austin, which is aimed at bringing some of the fundamental concepts and big picture of the GRASP areas to a wider audience (the intended target audience are beginning graduate students). These lectures will be digitally recorded and disseminated by streaming video, audio, and lecture notes through this website, with the goal of establishing an electronic resource for students (and others) wishing to be introduced to the GRASP subject areas. (The plan is for the website to also contain links to survey articles, scanned notes, and other helpful information.) The speakers are selected based in part on their ability to communicate fundamental ideas at a basic level to a broad audience.

iTunes: The GRASP lecture videos are now featured on the U\ T iTunes U site, w\ here they can be downloaded or viewed directly. The iTunes application on a Mac or PC, or an IOS device (iPhone, iPad) using the iT\ \ unes U App is required.

GRASP on iTunes

The GRASP lecture program is being developed in coordination with the Division of Instructional Innovation and Assessment (DIIA) at the University of Texas at Austin. Special thanks to Mike DeLeon for videotaping, editing, uploading and maintaining the lectures. Thanks also to Coco Kishi and Egan Jones for the web page and banner design. GRASP is partially supported by NSF grant DMS-0449830 (CAREER).

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