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Our Himalayan Adventure

Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh

June 14 to July 4, 2003

This summer four of us-- David, Jayashree, Matt, and Minette--travelled and trekked through India's Himalayan "far north": the state of Himachal Pradesh, and the district of Ladakh (part of the state of Jammu & Kashmir). On this website we'll try to convey some of the remarkable people, art, and scenery--and the occasional plant and animal--that we saw on the trip. You will notice along the way how astonishingly different the neighboring regions of Himachal and Ladakh are, both in their mountains and in their people.

Part I: Kullu Valley

Part II: Chandrakani Pass and Malana trek

Part III: Manali - Leh highway

Part IV: Gompas

Part V: Hidden Valleys of Ladakh trek


Part VII: Dalai Lama and departure

For those planning a trip to these regions, we have gathered on this page our favorite people, companies, and places to stay.