Here's a list of all movies I've seen in the last few years..

Here's a selected list of films I've seen - first the directors and some stars I've seen the most of, then the directors I've seen practically every movie of, then a listing of foreign films by country and some English-language directors. A "*" stands for more than one viewing of a movie (not necessarily a recommendation!), and "**" stands for extreme multiplicities (at least 4 viewings). By categories: Hong Kong, Japan, France, Italy, English language directors, and some other nationalities.

Here's a list of movies I'm still missing from the IMDB Top 250 of all time poll.

** Films (seen 4 or more times):

Most Viewed:

Woody Allen:

Alfred Hitchcock

Jackie Chan:

Jet Li:

Chow Yun-Fat:

Akira Kurosawa

Francois Truffaut

Jean-Luc Godard

Luis Bunuel:

Bernardo Bertolucci

Ingmar Bergman

Federico Fellini:

Martin Scorsese

Stanley Kubrick:

Francis Ford Coppola:

Robert Altman:

Roman Polanski:

Complete Movies (or very close):

Wong Kar-Wai:

Hal Hartley:

Coen Brothers:

David Mamet:

Emir Kusturica:

Sergei Paradjanov:

Jim Jarmusch:

Ang Lee:

Steven Soderbergh:

David Lynch:

Quentin Tarantino:


K. Mizoguchi:

J. Itami:

Takeshi Kitano:

H. Teshigahara:


French Movies

K. Kieszlowski:

L. Malle:

J. Renoir:

J.-P. Melville:

A. Resnais:

J. Rivette:

Andr'e Techin'e:

M. Carne':

C. Chabrol:

R. Bresson:

J. Demy:


Italian Movies:

Taviani Brothers:


Some English Language Directors

B. de Palma

M. Forman:

P. Greenaway:

Sidney Lumet:

Ken Russell:

Hong Kong:

Other nationalities:

A. Wajda:

Israeli Movies:

German Movies:

R. Fassbinder:

F. Lang:

Wim Wenders:


Swedish Movies:


Spanish (language) Movies:

P. Almodovar:


Russian Movies:

S. Eisenstein:

A. Tarkovsky:


Chinese Movies:

Zhang Yi Mou:

Chen Kaige:


Indian Movies:

Satyajit Ray:


Brazilian Movies: