Esteban Cárdenas - The University of Texas at Austin

Office: 11.146 - PMA building. Email: eacardenas [at]

I am a mathematics graduate student at UT Austin, working under the supervision of Thomas Chen. My research interests broadly revolve around Mathematical Physics, from the point of view of Analysis.

More recently I have been interested in the study of many-body problems, both in the classical and quantum-mechanical settings. My favorite type of mathematical research includes the investigation of emergence of physical macroscopic phenomena, and its rigorous analysis from first principles.

I will be on the postdoc market in the US and Europe, starting on the Fall semester, 2023. You can find a copy of my CV, here.


  1. On the effective dynamics of Bose-Fermi mixtures,
    with J.K Miller and N. Pavlović. arXiv, 55 pages. (2023).

  2. Quantum Boltzmann dynamics and bosonized particle-hole interactions in fermion gases,
    with T. Chen. arXiv, 70 pages. (2023).

  3. Derivation of a Boltzmann equation with higher-order collisions from a generalized Kac model,
    with N. Pavlović and W. Warner. arXiv, 29 pages. (2022).

  4. Tracer particles coupled to an interacting boson gas.
    Published in Journal of Functional Analysis. arXiv, 36 pages. (2021).

  5. On the asymptotic dynamics of 2-D magnetic quantum systems,
    with D. Hundertmark, E. Stockmeyer and S. Wugalter. Published in Annales Henri Poincare. arXiv, 29 pages. (2020).

  6. Spectral properties of Landau Hamiltonians with non-local potentials,
    with G. Raikov and I. Tejeda. Published in Asymptotic Analysis. arXiv, 31 pages. (2019.)

  7. Domain-wall dynamics for an in-plane magnetized thin film with a large perpendicular hard-axis anisotropy including the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction,
    with M.C. Depassier. Published in Physical Review B. arXiv, 14 pages. (2018).

Conference Proceedings

  1. Pseudo-Differential Perturbations of the Landau Hamiltonian. In: Miranda, P., Popoff, N., Raikov, G. (eds) Spectral Theory and Mathematical Physics. Latin American Mathematics Series. Springer, Cham. (2020). Link to the book.