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        VECTOR CALCULUS: M427L                                     LINEAR ALGEBRA: M340L

  GEOMETRY for the high school classroom

The following notes were developed in collaboration with Gary Hamrick, Diane Radin and a group of Austin-Area high school teachers. Funding was provided by the Dana Center (earlier funding from the Exxon Foundation and NSF). They form the basis of a 5-day TexTeam workshop preparing master high school geometry teachers in Texas.

  M333L -- Modern Geometry: a Dynamic Approach

The following notes were developed in collaboration with Debra S. Carney; additional material has been prepared by Altha Rodin and Frank Shirley. They provide a detailed introduction to the use of dynamic geometry software, Geometers Sketchpad, in a sophmore geometry course. The following chapters are consistent with version 4 of Sketchpad. All necessary sketches and scripts are available on request. The notes are all in PDF-format. [Requires Acrobat Reader to view -- Click Here  to download a free copy].
First day handout

Table of Contents
Chapter 1.  Geometry: making a start
Chapter 2.  Euclidean Parallel Postulate
Chapter 3.  Non-Euclidean Geometries
Chapter 4.  Transformations
Chapter 5.  Inversion

The following file (again in PDF format) contains a lengthy bibliography of papers, books etc covering many topics appropriate for the Sketchpad project for the course.


    M375: Summer 2006 --Wavelets and Signal Processing