Papers etc. 2000

1.   (with J. A. Hogan and J. D. Lakey)     Characterization of Hardy spaces by singular integrals and diververgence-free wavelets.
        Pacific J. Math., 193   (2000),   79--106.
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2.   (with J. A. Hogan, J. D. Lakey, S. Han, D. Weiland, and G. Weiss )     Smooth Molecular Decompositions of Functions and Singular Integral Operators
        (to appear in Memoirs Amer. Math. Soc.)
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3.   (with Andrea R. Nahmod)     Boundedness of Bilinear Operators with Non-Smooth Symbols.
        Math. Research Letters,   7   (2000), 1--12
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