"I shall now perish at the hands of mother homotopy turned evil sorceress."
-Saad Slaoui


Here are slides from a talk at the University of Kentucky in Spring 2022

Also, if you're really curious, here are some pre-baked pre-prerints:

  • Koszul duality for local systems
  • A slightly sketchy, but as of yet woefully incomplete, short note about Koszul duality (more accurately: Bar-Cobar duality) between modules and comodules.
  • Musings on En-crystals
  • A short meditation on En-crystals (also known as En-D-modules). To be explored further in forthcoming joint work with David Ben-Zvi and Pavel Safronov.

Infinity Cat, the Horn Filler
This is infinity cat, the horn filler; I often encounter her on my mathematical journeys.