Ioakeim Ampatzoglou
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I am a fifth year Ph.D. Candidate in Mathematics at the University of Texas at Austin,working in Kinetic Equations and Mathematical Physics. I have the luck to be advised by Prof. Nataša Pavlović.

Before graduate school, I received my Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece, where I completed my diploma thesis "The James and James Tree Spaces " under the guidance of Prof. Spyridon Argyros.

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My research interests lie around the intersection of Analysis and Mathematical Physics. In particular, I am interested in kinetic equations and nonlinear evolutionary PDEs. My current focus is the derivation of kinetic equations from classical or quantum systems of particles and their connection with fluid mechanics.

  • I. Ampatzoglou, J.K. Miller N. Pavlović, "A rigorous derivation of a Boltzmann system for a mixture of hard spheres gases" (2019). in preparation
  • I. Ampatzoglou, N. Pavlović, "A rigorous derivation of a binary-ternary Boltzmann equation for a dense gas of hard spheres" (2019). preprint
  • I. Ampatzoglou, I. Gamba, N. Pavlović, M. Tascović, "Global well-posedness for the binary-ternary Boltzmann equation" (2019). arXiv
  • I. Ampatzoglou, N. Pavlović, "A rigorous derivation of a ternary Boltzmann equation for a classical system of particles" , Submitted for publication (2019). arXiv
  • I. Ampatzoglou, "On the non-embedding of ℓ1 in the James Tree Space" , Expositiones Mathematicae (2019). 10.1016/j.exmath.2018.12.002, arXiv