Ioakeim Ampatzoglou
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I recently completed my Ph.D. in Mathematics at The University of Texas at Austin, under the supervision of Prof. Nataša Pavlović. From September I will be a Courant Instructor and Simons Faculty Fellow at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU.

Before graduate school, I received my Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece, completing my diploma thesis in the Banach Space theory topic "The James and James Tree Spaces " under the guidance of Prof. Spyridon Argyros.

Please find a more detailed CV here.   

In my spare time I enjoy traveling and photographing landscapes/nature.


My research interests lie around the intersection of Analysis and Mathematical Physics. In particular, I am interested in kinetic equations, weak turbulence and more generally in the broad field nonlinear evolutionary PDEs. My current focus is the derivation of kinetic equations from classical or quantum systems of particles and their connection with fluid mechanics.

  • I. Ampatzoglou, M. Tasković, "Generation an propagation of exponential moments for the binary-ternary Boltzmann equation", in preparation
  • I. Ampatzoglou, J.K. Miller N. Pavlović, "A rigorous derivation of a Boltzmann system for a mixture of hard spheres gases" , in preparation
  • I. Ampatzoglou, N. Pavlović, "Rigorous derivation of a binary-ternary Boltzmann equation for a dense gas of hard spheres", (2020) (arXiv)
  • I. Ampatzoglou, "Higher order extensions of the Boltzmann equation", Ph.D. Dissertation draft, UT Austin (2020)
  • I. Ampatzoglou, I.M. Gamba, N. Pavlović, M. Tascović, "Global well-posedness for the binary-ternary Boltzmann equation", submitted for publication (2019) (arXiv)
  • I. Ampatzoglou, N. Pavlović, "A rigorous derivation of a ternary Boltzmann equation for a classical system of particles", submitted for publication (2019) (arXiv)
  • I. Ampatzoglou, "On the non-embedding of ℓ1 in the James Tree Space", Exp. Math. 38, No.1, pp 112-130 (2020) (arXiv)