Jonathan C. Johnson

Office: PMA 12.136
Department of Mathematics
University of Texas at Austin

About Me

This is my 6th year in the mathematics graduate program at the University of Texas at Austin. My advisor is Dr. Cameron Gordon. I love to learn and study all kinds of math, but mostly, I like to think about knot theory and 3-dimensional manifolds. I received a B.S. in mathematics from the University of Texas at Dallas, and a M.S. in mathematics from the University of Texas at Arlington. As much as a love thinking about research questions, I equally love sharing my passion for mathematics with others. I regularly attend and will occasionally give a talk in Math Teachers Circle of Austin seminars. This is a seminar for sharing interesting ideas in mathematics with K-12 math teachers. I am also a regular mentor in the Directed Reading Program, a program for guiding undergraduate aspiring mathematicians through a topic in mathematical research.

When I'm not studying math, I like to play board games. My favorites are Power Grid, Tsuro, and Arkham Horror. I am also an avid sports fan. I cheer for all of the Dallas area sports teams especially the Dallas Cowboys, and I am the commissioner of the UT Math Fantasy Football League.