Klaus Bichteler

Department of Mathematics
University of Texas
Austin, Texas 78712-0257

Phone: (512) 471-1178, Fax: (512) 471-9038
E-mail: kbi@math.utexas.edu

Recent Books

Integration - a Functional Approach.
This was published by Birkhäuser and was removed from the web
upon the publisher's request.
There are Errata containing a plea to contribute to them.

Stochastic Integration and Stochastic Differential Equations,
A dvi file of 360 pages with two appendices an additional 200 pages long.
This manuscript was published in April 2002 by Cambridge University Press
under the title "Stochastic Integration with Jumps"
in the series Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications.
The answers to problems, expanded indexes, and the Errata can be found
at this web address.

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