Lisa Piccirillo

I’m a PhD student in low-dimensional topology at the University of Texas at Austin, where I work with John Luecke. I am interested in three and four-manifolds and knot concordance. For more information, see my research page. You can also see my preprints here.

I was the lead organizer and I mentor in the Directed Reading Program (DRP) at the University of Texas. The DRP is a math reading and mentoring program with emphasis on learning to learn and communicate mathematics. You can see more about my past and present activities and leadership here.

You may run into me at the following events in the near future:

  • Joint UGA-GT topology seminar, Atlanta, Feb 25
  • AMS sectional, Auburn, March 15-17
  • AWM spring meeting, Rice University, April 6-7
  • AIM workshop on concordance of topologically slice knots, June 3-7
  • Concordance and low-dimensional manifolds, Le Croisic, June 17-21
  • Pseudoholomorphic curves and gauge theory in low-dimensional topology , Durham, August 19-23
  • New developments in 4-manifolds, MPIM Bonn, September 16-20

I am excited to be a postdoc at Brandeis and MIT starting Fall 2019

You can contact me at lp******** To fill in the stars, you'll have to learn to spell my last name.