First Day Handout: M 175T: Seminar for Prospective Teachers  (Fall, 2005)

Topic: Problems with a Point

Unique Number: 58975

Instructor: Dr. M. Smith     (See my home page for office hours and contact information.)

Intended Audience: Students interested in teaching mathematics at any level.

Prerequisite: Upper division standing and permission of instructor.

Course objectives:
•    To become familiar with the Problems with a Point website as a source of class activities
•    To deepen your understanding of some topics in school mathematics
•    To reflect on and discuss aspects of the content (including habits of mind) of school mathematics.

Technology use: You will be expected to use the World Wide Web as needed.

Textbook:  None

Course format: Students will take turns preparing and leading the class in problems from the Problems with a Point website ( We will spend class time working on the problems and discussing them.

Grades: Grades will be based on class participation, including being "teacher" and being "student". (More details will be available at the second class meeting.)  There will be no exams.