First Day Handout: M 175T: Seminar for Prospective Teachers  (Fall, 2008)

Topic: Paradoxes, Fallacies, and Brain Teacsers

Unique Number: 52930

Instructor: Dr. M. Smith     (See my home page for office hours and contact information.)

Intended Audience: Students interested in teaching mathematics at any level.

Prerequisite: Upper division standing and permission of instructor.

Course objectives:
•    To deepen your understanding of some topics in or related to school mathematics.
•    To practice learning and teaching using paradoxes, fallacies, and brain teasers.

Textbook:  None. However, you will be given handouts from the book "One Equals Zero and Other Mathematical Surprises," by Movshovitz-Hadar and Webb, which provides permission for teachers purchasing the book to provide handouts from the book for use of their own students.  Please bring these handouts to class as needed.

Course format: Students will take turns preparing and leading the class in problems provided from the source mentioned above. We will spend class time working on the problems and discussing them. Students will be given Teacher Notes only for problems that they are leading the class in.

Grades: Grades will be based on class participation, including being "teacher" and being "student".  There will be no exams.