Final Exam Information

M 302, Unique Number 55035 (MWF 10 - 11, Smith), Spring 2003

Date and time: Wednesday, May 7, 9 a.m. - 12 noon

Room: The University has scheduled the exam in two rooms, ETC  2.108 and 2.136. (ETC is the building across Dean Keaton from the usual classroom.) Exact information as to which of these rooms you should report to will be posted here by Monday, May 5.

The optional final exam  will consist of an opportunity to take a second version of any or all of the three midterm exams. If you are satisfied with your grades on the first versions of all three exams, you will be exempted from the final exam.

Each retake will follow the format described on the exam information for that exam. These are posted on the class home page.