M 326K: Foundations of Number Systems, Spring 2004

First Day Handout Read thoroughly.

Project Handout    Read thoroughly

What Is a Number System?

ShowME Center This web site gives information about  curricula that are based on the NCTM Standards. The "Related Projects" link can lead you to information about elementary and secondary curricula. But remember that the Standards are about more than just curricula -- a large part of teaching in a Standards -based way is what the teacher does.

Sample Written Solutions to Some Problems from Activity 1

Sample Responses to Third Question from January 27 Assignment

Sample Solutions to Problems Due February 3

Applications of Complex Numbers , Applications of Imaginary Numbers, Complex Numbers and the Mandelbrot Set, Imaginary Numbers in Electricity, Imaginary Numbers in Real Life, Trigonometric Equation for a Sequence, Trigonometry Without Calculators, Using Complex Conjugate Numbers. These pages from the Ask Dr. Math web site give some examples of where complex numbers are used.

Sample Papers for February 12 Assignment

Tentative Advance Assignments  April 22 assignment added 4/16/04 **and revised 4/19/04**

Extra copy of homework on Everyday and Math Meanings, due Tuesday, March 2.

Sample "Big Picture" (Solution to Part 3 of Activity B of Topic 1)  (Word file)   pdf file

Sample Solutions to Problems 6 - 9 on First Exam pdf file   

Sample Solutions to Problems 3 and 4 for March 25

Sample Solutions to March 30 homework

Sample Solutions to April 1 Homework
(pdf file)

Samples Solutions to April 6 Homework (pdf file)

Sample Solutions to April 27 Homework (pdf file) NEW 4/27/04

Sample Solutions to May 4 Homework (pdf file) NEW 5/5/04

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For more information on transcendental numbers:
    The Fifteen Most Famous Transcendental Numbers
    Math Forum Pages on Transcendental Numbers