Please note: Exact instructions will vary according to the platform and release of Minitab that you are using, but you should be able to figure out what to do from the instructions here.

For Exercise 3.74:

    a: Use Calc --> Random Data --> Binomial.
    Enter 100 rows of data, number of trials = 50, probability of success = 0.6

    To divide the 100 results by 50, use Calc --> Mathematical Expressions.
    Type in the column where you want the result under "variable (new or modified)", and in the Expression box, type the column where you have the results of the simulation stored, then /50 (for example, c1/50)

    Note: If when you copy something (e.g., a stemplot) from the session window of Minitab, you don't get columns aligned, trying using the font Monaco.

    b and c: You should be able to figure out the appropriate modifications for parts (b) and (c). (Think carefully for forming p-hat in part (c).)
For Exercise 3.76: If you use the applet as instructed, you probably will not be able to copy the samples to other software to find the means easily. Here is an alternative using Minitab:

   To get a random sample of 10 from the integers 1 through 100, use Calc --> Random Data --> Integer. Enter 10 rows of data, the column where you want it stored, minimum 1, and maximum 100. To take the mean of your sample, you can use Column Statistics from the Calculate menu, and check Mean.

For Exercise 3.77: The data file is in the Appendix folder of the textbook data sets. To take a SRS of 20 from the data, use Calc --> Random Data --> Sample from Columns. Enter 20 for number of rows, the column where you have the gpa data for "sample from," and a new column for "store in." Do not check "sample with replacement," since you want to sample without replacements.