Remember: Unforeseen difficulties often arise in a project such as this. This timeline is intended to help you follow a schedule that will allow time for you to make adjustments for difficulties that may arise.

If unforeseen difficulties arise:
  1. First, discuss possible solutions with the group. Consult the textbook as needed, including optional and later sections.
  2. Then consult with me to see if the group's suggestions are workable, or if I can suggest better alternatives.

Recommended Timeline:

  1. Try to have all data collected by Monday, April 10.
  2. Before analyzing your data, plot it to check if there are any problems with applying the techniques you planned to use. If there are, see "If unforeseen difficulties arise" above. Depending on how serious the problem is, you might need to apply a transformation to your data or use another means of analysis.
  3. Aim to have your analysis done by Friday, April 14 , so that you can start writing your report then.
  4. Remember that writing will be part of your project grade, so be sure to write up your report in a professional manner, paying attention to grammar, spelling, and punctuation as well as organization and clarity.
  5. Aim to have the first or second draft of your report done by Friday, April 21
  6. Then have everyone in the group read the report and suggest edits and other improvements.
  7. Start writing the final draft by Friday, April 28
  8. Be sure to have everyone read and approve the final draft before turning it in Friday, May 5.