M 362K, Spring 03, Smith

Assignment for Monday, October 20

I. Read: Sections 4.6 and 4.7 (Section 4.6 should be familiar from Friday's class.)

II. Do the following practice problems:

    1. In the situation of Problem 40 on p. 176,
        a. Identify a Bernoulli random variable X.
        b. Identify a binomial random variable Y.
        c. Restate the question asked in terms of one of the random variables X or Y.
        d. Answer the question asked.

    2. A manufacturer of nails claims that only 3% of its nails are defective.
        a. What is the probability that there will be two defective nails in a random sample of 24 nails from the manufacturer?
        b. If you take a random sample of 24 nails from this manufacturer and find that two of them are defective, do you have good reason to doubt the manufacturer's claim?

    3. p. 177 #57