M 362K, Spring 03, Smith

Assignment for Friday, September 12:

To Hand In:

-> Be sure to review and follow the Guidelines for Written Homework and the Sample Solutions and Grades in writing up your homework to hand in.

I. #8 and 13 from the handout Calculus Review Problems.

II. Two dice are thrown. Throughout this problem, use the notation (a, b) to mean the outcome where a is up on the first die and b is up on the second die. Let E be the event that the sum of the dice is odd; let F be the event that at least one of the dice lands on 1; and let G be the event that the sum of the dice is 5.
  1. Make an organized list of all outcomes, using the notation above.
  2. For each of the events EF, E U F, FG, EFc, and EFG, do each of the following:
(i) List all outcomes in the event.
(ii) Describe the event entirely in words, without using the sumbols E, F, or G.
III. p. 54 #6 and 11. (Note: The answers to #11 are in the back of the book. Your grade on this problem will be based on the correctness of your solution process -- that is, of the reasoning you explain on your paper -- not  on the final answer.)