I. To use math department labs, you need an account. To get one, you will need to go to the main math department computer lab, RLM 7.122. You will need your UT EID, and possibly my name and this course number.

II. In addition to the "big lab" mentioned above, there are smaller graduate student computer labs on the eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth floors of RLM.

Please note: RLM open hours are M - Th 6 am - 11 pm, F 6 am - 10 pm, Sat 6 am - 5 pm, Sun 2 pm - 11 pm. Access after hours is by authorization and high security ID.

III. Minitab is on the Windows server. To access the server, use the Applications menu to go to Accessories, and then to Terminal. In the terminal window, type either "windows" (without the quotes) or "minitab" (also without the quotes) and press Return. You will now be in a Windows environment.  You can find Minitab, as well as Office programs, under Programs on teh Start menu (bottom left of screen) . You can access the web browser Firefox (preferable to Internet Explorer) by clicking on the icon. When you are through, log off of winserver (use the Start menu at the bottom left to find Log Out). You then need to log off of the system after logging off of winserver (use the System menu at the top of the screen to select "Quit").

IV. To use data sets from the textbook:

1. Go to the web site (there is also a link from the class home page)

2. Click on "txt" after the desired data file. This should open the data file in a new window in your browser.  Copy and paste the data onto a Minitab worksheet. 

Save the worksheet as a Minitab file so you can just open it using "open worksheet" or "open project" when you use it again.