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First Day Handout

More Information on Using Math Department Computers (Also see the First Day Handout, above.)

What Is Probability?

External Links:

Tom Cruise

Alternative Measures of Labor Underutilization

Helping Doctors and Patients Make Sense of Health Statistics

The Musical Harmonic Series

Congressional Apportionment

Interactive Venn Diagram

Gapminder Income Distribution

From Joint to Marginal Distribution (Also click "next" to see animation for conditional distribution)

Sampling mean as unbiased estimator of population mean

Many Distributions

Confidence Interval Simulation

Another Confidence Interval Simulation

Still Another Confidence Interval Simulation

Central Limit Theorem Pictures

Central Limit Theorem Demo

Rectangular Galton Board

Rectangular Galton Board plus information

Galton Board

Quincunx with Variable Parameters

Bone Density

Life Is Log-Normal!

Pictures of Beta Distributions

Beta Calculator