In Memorium: Peter William Meredith John,  1923 - 2015

PIcture of  Peter W. M .John

Peter W. M. John died peacefully at his home in Austin, Texas on January 22, 2015. In accord with his wishes, there was no memorial service. Here are some items about him which might be of interest.

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Austin American Statesman Obituary ( Sunday February 22, 2015)

Amstat News (July, 2015, online)

Institute of Mathematical Statistics Bulletin (July 14, 2015, online)

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A (Statistics in
Society), Volume 178, Issue 4, pages 1093–1096, October 2015 First page

University of Texas Memorial Resolution

Talks given by Peter John

Plenary Presentation at the 2003 Quality and Productivity Research Conference, May 21-23, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
(Peter also gave a slight variant of this talk on the occasion of the celebration of his retirement in April, 2004)

Honors and Awards

    Fellow of the American Statistical Asociation (1976)

    Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (1977)

    Shewell Prize, American Society for Quality Control (1991)
        [for his presentation "Dubious Observations in 2n Factorial Experiments."]

    Don Owen Award, San Antonio Chapter of the American Statistical Association (1995)

    Honoree and keynote speaker, Quality and Productivity Reearch Conference, Orlando Fla (1997)
        [Title of his address: Fractional Factorials: Fifty Years from Finney]

    Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award, University of Texas at Austin (1999)

    Honoree and Keynote Speaker, Quality and Productivity Research Conference (2003)
        [See link above to his address]

Picture Gallery

Ph.D. Students of Peter John

Chwen-Ming Cathy Chang    1993    
Chiu, Wan-Yi    1997
Chitturi, Pallavi    1998    
Xuewei Cui    1996
Veronica Czitrom  1984  
Pi-hsaing Huang 1991
Pen-Huang Liau 1991
Leslie Melissa (Lisa) Moore  1985       
Bernard Most    1972
David Stark   1981        
Julie Wuu   1984        
Stephen Yuan  1977
[He also supervised over fifty Master's degrees.]