Fedstats Environment Page

Links to Key Statistics from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Geological Survey. Also links by subject to statistics from other federal agencies.

National Center for Atmospheric research Geophysical Statistics Project (NCAR-GSP)

Includes links to weather-related data sets, statistical software, and other resources.

National Research Center for Statistics and the Environment (NRCSE)

Includes links to resources, articles of current interest, and lectures at the June, 2001 CBMS Conference on Environmental Statistics.

Notes for Richard. L. Smith's CBMS COURSE IN ENVIRONMENTAL STATISTICS, University of Washington, June 25-29, 2001

From the Author's Introduction: "This course covers a number of areas of applied statistics which are relevant in environmental research. Statistical themes include spatial statistics,time series analysis and extreme values. Environmental themes include climate change, atmospheric pollution, issues of data collection and interpretation including the design of a monitoring network, and the assessment of probabilities associated with extreme events such as floodsand hurricanes.

Includes links to data and programs.

Pierre Legendre's Homepage

Includes links to programs (SpaceMaker, The R Package, Spatial Analysis Program) for spatial analysis.

Peter Diggle's Homepage

Links to lecture notes on Spatial Statistics for Environmental Epidemiology, geostatistical and time-series data-sets, and public-domain geostatistical and longitudinal data analysis software.

Probability and Statistics Information: Links to Environmental Web Sties

Includes links to organizations, university programs, and environmental statistics tools.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Download descriptions of databases or use the Environmental Atlas to view maps showing air quality, land use, or water quality.

University of Michigan Documents Center, Statistics Resources on the Web: Environment.

Links to US and International environmental data.


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Ott, Wayne, Environmental statistics and Data Analysis. / Boca Raton / 1995 (GE 45 S73 O88 1995 Geology Library)



                    Colorado State University Department of Statistics

Iowa State University, Department of Statistics

Oregon State University, Department of Statistics

Pennsylvania State University, Center for Statistical Ecology and Environmental Statistics

Tulane University Environmental Statistics Master's Degree Program