I. On-Campus Sources

Connected Mathematics. This is a carefully developed middle school curriculum that includes of activities to help students learn concepts. The teacher's guides give tips on where students may have difficulty, how to organize classroom activities, and how to assess student progress.

Interactive Mathematics Program (IMP). This is a four year, project based secondary math curriculum. See more on the IMP web site below.

Mathematics: Modeling Our World is a project based four year secondary curriculum published by the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (COMAP). See more on the ARISE website below.

The Mathematics Teacher is the main journal for secondary math teachers. Copies are put out along with the journals for science teachers. (See more information below about the online index or subscribing.)

Dr. James Daniel ( Applications of math to actuarial science (Actuarial science is the mathematical analysis of future financial risk, including insurance and retirement and other employee-benefit plans.)

Dr. John Gilbert ( Geometry

Dr. John Luecke ( Statistics

Ms. Diane Radin ( Geometry

Dr. Ben Rhodes: ( Probability, statistics, engineering applications

Dr. Frank Shirley ( Math and music

Dr. Martha Smith ( Geometry, Statistics, Algebra, Math and the Environment, Math Models (also has some resources that can be borrowed)

Dr. Michael Starbird ( Calculus, thinking mathematically, bar codes, geometry, topology, interesting things about numbers, infinity, chaos, fractals, chance, and various other topics. (See the website for his book Heart of Mathematics for some ideas.)

II. Web Sources