UCSD Teaching and Learning Commons Content Training Speaker

During the Winter quarter of 2020, I delivered a presentation on effective learning strategies for mathematics courses for Supplemental Instruction leaders and tutors. The presentation slides can be found here.

UCSD Research Communications Program Mini-Grant

During the Winter quarter of 2020, in collaboration with a mathematics teacher at a K-12 school in the San Diego area, we gave a series of presentations to communicate modern ideas in algebraic geometry to students and parents using a variety of visual metaphors and art media.

UCSD Association for Women in Math (AWM) Mentoring

During the Spring quarter of 2021, I served as a mentor for a graduate student as part of UCSD's chapter of the Association for Women in Math (AWM) one-on-one mentoring program for graduate students and postdocs.

Stanford Undergraduate Research Institute in Mathematics (SURIM)

During the Summer quarter of 2016, I served as a SURIM graduate student mentor for four Stanford undergraduate students working on a group research project entitled Toric Varieties and their Geometry.

Stanford Teaching Assistant (TA) Mentoring

During the 2016 and 2017 Spring quarters at Stanford, I provided teaching advice and guidance to a total of four graduate students as a TA mentor.

Stanford Math Directed Reading Program (DRP)

During the Spring quarter of 2017, I was a graduate student mentor for one Stanford undergraduate student learning about complex analysis, as part of Stanford's DRP.