Math 392C (Moduli of Higgs Bundles), Spring 2015

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I am Andy Neitzke; my office is RLM 9.134. My office hours are 2-3pm on Wednesday, or by appointment.


This course meets TuTh from 9:30-11:00am, in RLM 9.166.


A very tentative list of topics is available here: syllabus .

Lectures, references, exercises

Lecture notes, references and exercises will be compiled into a document here: higgs-bundles (last update 31 Dec 1969).

My intention is that this document will be collectively authored; I will write the initial draft, but I hope that the class will contribute corrections, improvements, solutions to exercises, etc.

The source is hosted at the Github repository neitzke/higgs-bundles . The smoothest way of managing contributions would be to use the mechanisms provided by Git and Github. (If it works for the Stacks Project it can work for us!) But I will be happy to take contributions in any form.

I strongly recommend that you do the exercises. It will be difficult to follow the course without doing them. Moreover, some of the computations which I assign as exercises will actually be needed for the following lectures (thus I will be very grateful if at least a few people submit LaTeX solutions, either by email or via Github.) If you need a grade for the course you should come regularly to class and turn in some nonempty subset of the exercises. There is no final exam.


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