The Homepage of Olena Bormashenko

I am a lecturer at the Mathematics Department at the University of Texas at Austin. My office is RLM 10.110, and my e-mail is olenab(at)

Current Teaching

I am currently teaching M 310T, a Freshman Research Initiative course about the mixing times of Markov chains. I'm also running a Putnam problem solving class.

Past Teaching

In Fall 2012, I taught Math 408K and Math 408N. I also ran a Putnam problem-solving seminar.

In Fall 2011, I taught Math 341 and Math 408N.


My research interests lie in probability, in particular, in the area of Markov chain mixing times.
Here is a link to my thesis.

Papers and Preprints:


I've recently finished a new translation of Roadside Picnic into English. Here's my page for the book.