Concentration in Statistics at Wright State University

School: Wright State University
Type of schedule? Quarter

Name: (Minor, Concentration, Track, Program) Concentration

Typical major(s) for students: Mathematics

Within what degree (BA or BS)? BS

Does your department offer a major in statistics? No

Statistics and Probability courses required:

Recommended statistics elective: STT 469 Introduction to Experimental Designs

If this is a program tightly integrated within one specific major, such as a concentration within a math major, what are the requirements for that major? The program allows for a substantial number of additional electives. Three courses, totaling 11 hours, are for math or statistics electives. Other electives must include seventeen hours of courses approved by the faculty adviser, in an area in which statistics can be applied.

 School requirements / expectations for a program like this: None listed.

Contact information:

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