Derived Algebraic Geometry Seminar

UT Austin, Spring 2015

4-6pm Wednesday
RLM 8.136

The Derived Algebraic Geometry seminar meets every Wednesday at 4pm (and occasionally Friday), in RLM 8.136. (Check the schedule below for exact dates.)

This is a learning seminar organized by Richard Hughes (rhughes [at] math [dot] utexas [dot] edu) and Aaron Royer. It it the continuation of a Fall 2014 seminar on Rational Homotopy Theory, which was organised by Dan Kaplan.

This aim of this seminar is to study derived algebraic geometry, with a focus on understanding Jacob Lurie's work on formal moduli problems (DAG X). A list of references organized by topic can be found below.

The schedule of talks is as follows:

Date Topic Speaker Selected References
28th January Examples of moduli problems Richard Hughes [BZ] [F] [L2]
4th February Formal algebraic geometry and completion Dan Kaplan [H] [S]
11th February What is a stack? Rustam Antia-Riedel [B] [F]
13th February What is a higher stack? (Friday overflow discussion) Group discussion [T1]
18th February Infinity categories as models for homotopy theories Yaoguang Zhu [L3] [L4]
25th February Category theory of infinity categories Yuri Sulyma [G] [L4]
27th February More homotopy and category theory for infinity categories (Friday overflow discussion) Group discussion [G] [L3] [L4]
4th March Algebra in infinity categories Val Zakharevich [L5]
11th March Cotangent complex formalism Yuecheng Zhu and Tom Mainiero [F] [L2] [L5] [LV] [PV] [Q] [V]
13rd March More on the cotangent complex (Friday overflow) Yuecheng Zhu [PV] [Q] [V]
18th March Spring Break Nobody (take a holiday, folks) Read a good novel (and DAG-X!)
25th March What is a formal derived stack? Yuecheng Zhu and Tom Mainiero [F] [L2] [PV] [V]
1st April Introduction to DAG-X Surya Raghavendran [L1]
8th April The deformation context of commutative algebras Yuri Sulmya [L1]
15th April dg-Lie algebras and the tangent complex Rustam Antia-Riedel [L1] [L5]
17th April Lie algebras (Friday overflow discussion) Rustam Antia-Riedel [L1] [L5]
22nd April Deformation theories Aaron Royer [L1] [L5]
29th April No seminar
8th May Koszul duality is a deformation theory Richard Hughes [L1] [L5]


For everything ever

Formal moduli problems

Formal Algebraic Geometry

Infinity Categories

Small Algebras and Cotangent Complex

Examples of Moduli Problems

Koszul Duality

What is a Derived Stack?

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