At the University of Texas, the Unrestricted Endowed Presidential Scholarships (UEPS) are awarded annually to strong continuing students. The award is at least $2500 for the following academic year. Students must be nominated by their major department, and each department is limited in the number of students it may nominate. Students must apply and submit letters of recommendation from faculty. A campus panel then selects the strongest students from among the applicants. (The full list of constraints may be found on the university's UEPS webpage.)

(Special note to Freshmen: In order for you to be eligible in your sophomore year you must have completed 45 credit hours for a grade at UT by Dec.31 of your sophomore year. Please keep this in mind when planning your schedule in your first three semesters: we have had multiple strong candidates disqualified because they had say 42 or 44 credit hours completed!)

The fact that our strongest math majors are often double-majors means that Mathematics wins more than its fair share of these awards! The published list of winners does not itemize every major of every student but I have found quite a few math majors each year. For example among the 259 winners in May 2018, I was able to identify 18 math majors --- nearly 7% of the total, even though math majors are about 2% of the student body.

Here are (some of) the math majors who have won this award in recent years.

Awards for 2018-2019: