Practice 2nd M403K Midterm (from another instructor)

1) (20 points) Find the absolute maximum and the absolute minimum of tex2html_wrap_inline25 on [-2,0].

2) (20 points) Find all absolute extrema for


on the whole real line by sketching a graph. You don't need to study concavity. Please include any horizontal or vertical asymptotes. Please indicate for each of your solutions whether it is an absolute maximum or an absolute minimum.

3) (20 points) How long will it take money to double if it is invested at tex2html_wrap_inline31 compounded continuously?

4) (20 points) A 15 ft long ladder is leaning against a wall. The top is sliding down the wall at a rate of 5 ft/second. How fast is the bottom sliding away from the wall when the bottom is 6 ft from the wall?

5) (10 points) Compute the following limits:



6) (10 points) Compute f'(x) for:



Lorenzo Sadun

Wed Oct 18 14:24:45 CDT 2000