Another practice M403K 2nd midterm (from another instructor)


1) (15 points) How much money should we invest today at a rate of tex2html_wrap_inline10 compounded continuously if we need tex2html_wrap_inline12 in three years time?

2) (25 points) Find the absolute maximum and the absolute minimum of tex2html_wrap_inline14 on [-2,0].

3) (10 points) Compute f'(x) for:


4) (25 points) A 5 meter long ladder is leaning against a wall. The top is sliding down the wall at a rate of 4 meters per second. How fast is the bottom sliding away from the wall when the top is 3 meters from the wall?

5) (25 points) Find all absolute extrema on the whole real line for


Lorenzo Sadun

Wed Oct 18 14:27:14 CDT 2000