Applied Statistics, M358K, Fall 2001, Unique #56130

  • Classes: MWF 10-11,  RLM 5.122
  • Professor: Lorenzo Sadun
  • Office: RLM 9.114
  • Office Hours:  Tu 9-11, Th 9:30-11
  • Phone: 471-7121
  • email:
  • TA: Changsub Lee
  • Office: RLM 10.110
  • Office hours: None (TA's role is as grader)
  • email:



    Grades are in!  Course grades are posted outside my office.

    You are welcome to pick up your final projects, to look at your final exams, and to discuss the grading of both.  I will be in my office Dec 19-21, Jan 2-4, and then every day starting January 10.   Some of the term projects were truly excellent, and I hope you will be able to put your results to good use outside the classroom.

    First Midterm Exam: Wednesday, October 3, ENS 116.  Solutions are posted below.

    Second Midterm Exam: Wednesday, October 31, ENS 116.  Solutions are posted below.

    Final Exam: Saturday, December 15, RLM 6.104.   The mean was a 71, the median was 78, and the standard deviation was 16.24.  Solutions are posted below.  (The solutions that were posted on Monday, 12/17 had some arithmetic errors.  These have been fixed.)

    Handouts and Other Course Information (always under construction):

  • First day handout.
  • Homework assignments,
  • Course schedule
  • First Midterms solutions in PDF format
  • First Midterm solutions in HTML
  • Second Midterms solutions in PDF format
  • Second Midterm solutions in HTML
  • Final Exam solutions in PDF format
  • Final Exam solutions in HTLM format



    * Other Useful Links

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  • American Statistical Association Information on statistics and the statistics profession.
  • Mary Parker's Central Limit Illustrations A variety of distributions together with sampling distributions for means of samples of varying sizes.
  • Mary Parker's list of Java Applets Culled from various sources and arranged to supplement a beginning statistics class.



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