Algebraic Topology, M382C, Fall 2001, Unique #56350

  • Classes: MWF 9-10,  RLM 9.166
  • Professor: Lorenzo Sadun
  • Office: RLM 9.114
  • Office Hours:  Tu 9-11, Th 9:30-11
  • Phone: 471-7121
  • email:
  • TA: Andre Mandolesi
  • Office:  9.144  (no office hours -- role is primarily as grader)
  • Email:



    Course grades are (finally!) posted outside my office.

    Some of the term papers were very good.  I read them well enough to assign grades, but I'd like to look over them more thoroughly and learn some math.  So I'm planning to take them with me on vacation.  You can have them back when we return in January.

    It's been a real pleasure teaching you.   Happy New Year!

    Handouts and Other Course Information (always under construction):

  • First day handout.
  • Homework assignments,
  • Course schedule