Calculus, M408D, Fall 2002

  • Lectures: Tuesday and Thursday, Tu-Th 9:30-11, CPE 2.214
  • Section 1: (unique number 56095) MW 8-9, BUR 116
  • Section 2: (unique number 56100) MW 3-4, RLM 6.122
  • Section 3: (unique number 56105) MW 4-5, RLM 5.116
  • Professor: Lorenzo Sadun
  • Office: RLM 9.114
  • Office Hours: Tu-Th 8:30-9:15, MW10-11
  • Phone: 471-7121
  • email:
  • TA: Kyle Schalm
  • Office:  RLM 12.120
  • Office Hours:  M11-1, W 11-12
  • Phone: 475-8684
  • email:



    Final grades are in!  They were submitted electronically to the registrar on Monday, December 16.  Starting on Tuesday, December 17, grades should be accessible to students on line  at using the upper
    left link "view grades online". Another way to get your grade is by calling 475-9950 with option number 51.

    For each student, we added up the scores for the first midterm, second midterm, quiz average, final exam, and final exam (the final counts double), and subtracted out the lowest score.  The result was your term total, with 400 point being a "perfect" score.  The cutoff for an A was 340 points (85%), the cutoff for a B was 293 (73.25%), the cutoff for a C was 243 (60.75%), and the cutoff for a D was 190 (47.5%).

    Of the 127 people who started the course, 18 received As,  31 received Bs, 32 received Cs, 13 received Ds (one of which was recorded as a CR), 15 received Fs (of whom only 7 actually took the final), and 18 took Q-drops.

    To ensure privacy, I will not be posting grades outside my office after all. However, you are welcome to come by and ask me about your grade in person or by email.  I will be in most of the day, every day throughout winter break, with the exception of the week of December 23-27.


    The first midterm was on Thursday, October 3, covering chapters 10 and 11.  Graded papers were returned on Wednesday, October 9.  The results were disastrous, with a class average of 54.

    The second midterm was on Tuesday, November 5, covering chapters 9 and 12-14.  The results were a significant improvement on the first midterm, but still disappointing.  The class average was 62.

    Final Exam:

    The final exam was on Saturday, December 14 from 9-12.  Half the final was on chapters 9-14, while half was on chapters 15 and 16.  The class average was 62.

    Handouts and Other Course Information (always under construction):

  • On trust and honor.
  • The related column I wrote for the Statesman.
  • First day handout.
  • Homework assignments,
  • Course schedule
  • Actual 1st midterm, with and without solutions in HTML format.
  • Actual 1st midterm, with and without solutions, in PDF format.
  • Actual 2nd midterm, with and without solutions in HTML format.
  • Actual 2nd midterm, with and without solutions, in PDF format.
  • Actual final exam, with and without solutions in HTML format.
  • Actual final exam, with and without solutions, in PDF format.



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