Algebraic Topology prelim class, Fall 2009

  • Professor: Lorenzo Sadun
  • Classes: MWF, 9-10, RLM 9.166
  • Website:
  • Office: RLM 9.114
  • Office Hours: M2-3, Tu 9-11
  • Phone: 471-7121
  • Email:
  • Text: A Basic Course in Algebraic Topology, by William Massey. (Springer GTM 127). It's available at the Co-op. We'll cover chapters 1-8, and hopefully chapter 9, with occasional sections skipped.
  • TA: Allison Moore
  • This class is mostly homework-based, with weekly problem sets due (at least initially) on Wednesdays. You are encouraged to work in small groups and learn from each other, but I'd like you to write up your solutions individually. Of course, anything you turn in should reflect your own understanding, and should not just be copied from another student. If you don't understand it, don't write it down.

    The midterm is now set for October 26, in class. If you have a problem with that time, please see me to make alternate arrangements. The test will cover everything through covering spaces, so start reviewing 2-manifolds, fundamental groups, algebra, and van Kampen's theorem.

    There will be a take-home final exam. The course grade will be based on 30% midterm, 40% homework and 50% final, with the lowest 20% dropped.

    *Handouts and Other Course Information

  • First Day Handout
  • Course Schedule
  • Homework
  • Midterm, both with and without solutions.
  • Final exam, both with and without solutions.