Business Calculus, M403L, unique #53270-53275, Fall 1998

Place and Time:

  • Lectures: Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30-10:45, GEA 105
  • Sections meet by unique number:
  • 53270: Monday and Wednesday 8-9 AM, GEO 112
  • 53275: Monday and Wednesday 5-6 PM, CPE 2.210


  • Instructor: Lorenzo Sadun
  • Office: RLM 9.114
  • Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 8:15-9:15, Wednesday 9-11.
  • Phone: 471-7121
  • Email:
  • TA: Alisa Marzilli
  • Office: RLM 10.146
  • Office Hours: Monday 9-11, and 2-3, Wednesday 1-3.
  • Phone: 5-9149
  • Email:
  • Final Exam Friday, December 11, 9:00-12, CMA A2.320

    Final Exam Solutions are now available.

    The final exam will cover the entire term, with slightly more emphasis on recent material. In particular, there will be one or two problems (out of 10 or so) on linear programming. To prepare for the exam, you should go over your old exams and review questions, the exams (including final exam) from my 403L class last term, and the exams from the other sections of 403L this term.

    Review session Tuesday, December 8, 9:30-11:30 AM, GEA 105

    If you cannot attend my review session, you can attend Dr. Carney's (Monday 12/7 from 7-9 PM in 2.108 ETC) or Dr. Symington's (Monday 12/7 noon-2pm in CPE 2.214).

    Officially these are not "review sessions". They are "large group office hours", whatever that means. Whatever they are called, they are chances to review the material, and are intended to help your studying, not as a burden. Attendance is strictly optional, and no new material will be presented.

    Old Exam Information

    The first exam, also called the basic skills test, covered through section 8.3. The exam and solutions can be found below. The results are summarized here. Corrected exams were returned in section on Monday, September 21. If you need more practice with these sorts of problems, check out Dr. Symington's and Dr. Carney's first midterms, available on their web pages.

    The second exam and solutions can be found below. Corrected exams were returned in section on Monday, October 26. Aggregate exam results are summarized here.

    The third exam covered through chapter 12. The exam and solutions can be found below. Corrected exams were returned in section on Monday, November 23, and will also be available in lecture on Tuesday, November 24. Aggregate exam results are summarized here.

    Final Grade Distribution

    Several students have asked about the distribution of grades I gave last term. To the students who took the final, I gave 21 A's, 28 B's, 28 C's, 13 D's and 14 F's. Based on what I have seen so far, I expect the fraction of A's and B's to be noticably higher this term. (Over 70 students got A's or B's on the second midterm).

    Course information and handouts:

  • First day handout
  • First Exam Questions and Solutions
  • Second Exam Questions and Solutions
  • Third Exam Questions and Solutions
  • Last Term's Final Exam Questions and Solutions
  • Newton's method handout #1. (Courtesy of Dr. Carney) Note how quickly f(x) is decreasing in each table. If you work a problem and the answer isn't converging nearly this fast, you probably made a mistake.
  • Newton's method handout #2. (Courtesy of Dr. Symington.)
  • Euler's method handout. (Courtesy of Dr. Carney.) This contains corrections of a couple of typos in the handout given out in class.
  • Probability distributions.
  • Review questions for 3rd exam. and solutions.
  • Review Questions for Final Exam with solutions.
  • The Honor System was overwhelmingly approved. See Honor System for details
  • List of homework problems
  • Other Useful Links:

  • Last term's web page, including old exams.
  • Other sections of 403L
  • Learning Skills Center
  • The Calculus Pages

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