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Fall 2004/Spring 2005 Schedule


Somewhere on Earth at this very moment there are two antipodal points (that is, points directly opposite from one another through the Earth) where the temperature are identical and the pressures are also ideantical.  Also, there is always some place on Earth where the wind is not blowing.  These weather facts really come from mathematical insights rather than from meteorology.  Dr. Starbird will discuss the mathematics behind these weather phenonena including fixed point theory and winding numbers!

Here are some pictures from the meeting!

         Here are some links to online sliding blocks puzzles:
             -  Sliding Block Home Page
             -  Kidport
             -  "Rush Hour" (the goal is to move the red car to the arrow)

If you start to play and find yourself wishing you could solve them faster (or solve them at all), then come to hear Dr. Villegas' talk on Oct. 9.  He'll tell you all about the math and strategy behind the puzzles and you just might become a whiz at them.

Click here to view some pictures from the meeting.

            Here is a link to the powerpoint presentation.
            Pictures of the meeting

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